Kain Burtilina

Kain in his younger years

"Never expect your life to be easy. Fate's gonna always make sure it's hard. If people were allowed to laze around, they'd literally die. Fate keeps us alive." -Kain

Bounty hunter, father, husband, and SHIELD experiment, Kain has always been rather rough, but well skilled.

History: Edit

Kain was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, then raised in New Jersey on the McGuire Air Force Base. His father was a plane mechanic and his mother was a test pilot/ military police officer. At age three, Kain was bit by a werewolf that lived on base, but was soon transferred, making Kain part werewolf. Kain always found himself interested in the work of his friend's, Aysel Montgomery's, father who was an assassin and expected Aysel to become something of the sort. Aysel and Kain started watching out for targets on the base that Mr. Montgomery asked them to when it was "little work" not "dangerous jobs". Kain's parents started to notice Kain become more alert and they quickly disapproved of his investigations. Kain continued sneaking out at night to help and one night, when he found Mr. Montgomery's target which was a thief with a huge bounty on his head, Kain waited, then quickly ended the thief without any weapons. Mr. Montgomery soon arrived to the scene, along with several MP officers, and found the thief dead, with blood on Kain's hands. Mrs. Burtilina saw Kain and was completely horrified. She tried to keep him contained in the house and was soon forced to send him to a juvenile hall twenty miles from base. Mr. and Mrs. Burtilina tried to bail him out several times, but Kain stayed in the hall for three months without any news. One day, his sister (and enemy) Nora Burtilina, came to visit Kain (who at the time had just turned 13) and she found him extremely violent. Nora was slightly frightened, but had learned from Mr. Burtilina to hide it. Kain loved intimidating her and then when he tried to scare her away, the nogistune spirit that had been with him since he was born revealed itself and attacked Nora. Nora, being an experienced river nogistune, fought Kain's violent side,but she quickly tried to escape, ending in the hospital with third degree burns and slipping into a three week coma. Mrs. Burtilina rushed to Nora's aid in the hall and tried to stop Kain. She was also burned, but she was able to calm Kain down. She remained frightened of him.

It wasn't until Kain noticed a bad burn mark on his mother's shoulder that he knew what had happened. Feeling extreme guilt, Kain completely shut down emotionally. He refused all meals, he didn't talk to anyone unless necessary, and he soon scared the MP officers guarding him, so without permission of his parents, Kain was sent to a mental hospital in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Kain recovered quickly with the help of several doctors and he was soon released. Not wanting to return to his family, Kain finished highschool in Hanover and then attended Pennsylvania State University where he met his future wife, Kyrie-Ann Phelps.


Kyrie-Ann was very friendly and welcoming to Kain, making Kain slightly uncomfortable around Kyrie. It wasn't until Kyrie stood up for Kain in front of a professor who claimed his still mentally disturbed, that Kain finally liked Kyrie.

Aysel Montgomery found Kain in Hanover after asking the hospital about his whereabouts. Aysel convinced Kain to become a bounty hunter in New York City. Kain refused the first time, remembering his past, but then accepted soon before asking Kyrie-Ann to marry him and move to New York with him, to which Kyrie-Ann also accepted.

In New York, Kain didn't find being a Bounty Hunter all too well a pay and suitable job, so he searched around and found about a GenTek super soldier program that would pay for experiments. Kain kept searching and refused when he learned Kyrie-Ann was expecting their first child.

It wasn't until after Kyrie-Ann and Kain's first son, Jacob Raven Burtilina, was born that Kain decided to sign up to be an experiment. The project had a goal to help nogistune and kitsune vessels (humans) control their powers and spirit more fully. The drugs giving to Kain quickly changed him, but with Kyrie-Ann's help, Kain was able to stay stable.

Two and a half years later, Kain was failing to keep himself stable. He tried to back out of the program, but the doctors persisted he was just suffering temporary side affects and assured him it would only take a few months to recover. Kain tried to forcefully quit, but the doctors tried every technique to get the drugs in Kain, even putting it in his food when he wasn't watching.

Soon enough, the drug was proven to work and Kain became stable again. A few months later, when Kain and Kyrie-Ann's daughter, Tatyanna Zarola Burtilina, was born, the nogistune spirit named Agni that was born with Tatyanna attacked, trying to tear out of Tatyanna's body and sever from her human spirit. A doctor that had been experimenting on Kain quickly used a smaller dose of Kain's drugs to contain Agni in Tatyanna. However, Agni's attempted escape triggered a bad reaction in Kain and made him mentally unstable, yet again. Kain was given leave from his work as a bounty hunter for a few months to try and help him recover, but no amount of rest or therapy could help Kain regain his mental stability. Kyrie-Ann, known as Dr. Karen Burtilina in the GenTek labs, suggested that Kain be completely removed from the drugs for an extended period of time. That seemed to make it worse, however when the doctors working with Kain tried.

Kain quickly became more violent, unable to control himself. Multiple times, he lashed out at his family, but they tried to ignore it, keeping it a secret that Kain was, in fact, still on drugs and mentally unstable.

Kain ran away from his house one day after getting into an argument with Kyrie-Ann about his he had been treating his children. He accidentally severed her leg and severely injured her. He left her at the GenTek hospital, hoping they could help her and left, guilt searing his conscience. Kain left to live in a lonely area in Houston, Texas, rarely coming to the city except to stock up on food and water supplies. Kain built a small shack and lived there for many years until Shade, an ex-experiment of GenTek and close friend to Tatyanna and Kyrie-Ann, found Kain and forced him to return to Hanover. Kain refused, causing Shade to try to capture him. Kain tried to fight for his life, but ended up controlled by Shade and sent to stay in a sedative pod back in Hanover. The sedative wasn't enough to keep Kain unconscious, but was enough to keep him still and unable to attack. Kyrie-Ann saw Kain and she was at first angry with him for leaving, but she quickly found her love for him again. Tatyanna, believing that Kain hated her, stayed back, afraid and very knowing of his abilities. Kain, still guilty for all the pain he caused her and despite the fact he really cared for Tatyanna knowing how much like him she was, he tried to put all the blame on Tatyanna since she still fought to keep Agni contained. Kain struggled to express his true feelings for his only remaining daughter as his second daughter, Kara Burtilina-Hope had been given for adoption by a friend of Kyrie-Ann. Kain repeatedly blamed Agni, but soon calmed down, his mind now clear and stable from so long off of the drugs.

Powers: Edit

Being a Nogistune, Kain has all control over his nogistune spirit's element (fire) and he also can morph into his Nogistune form, but cannot control it. Kain also has extreme healing and is very hardened, making his skin harder to pierce and bones harder to break. He is also part werewolf, so he can morph into a half nogistune/half werewolf at will, but is forced during a full moon.

Weapons/Equipment: Edit

Kain always has a .40 caliber handgun and small dagger with him, convinced by his wife that he needs it, but Kain rarely uses either the gun or the dagger because he prefers to use his body as a weapon, fighting with fists and legs.

Family: Edit

Father: William Burtilina

Mother: Shiori Cheyenne Stevens Burtilina

Eldest brother: Jaycen Terrin Burtilina

Younger sister: Nora Janae Burtilina

Youngest brother: Joseph Merrin Burtilina

Wife: Kyrie-Ann Phelps Burtilina

Son: Jacob Raven Burtilina

Eldest daughter: Tatyanna Zarola Burtilina

2nd daughter/ goddaughter: Kara Burtilina-Hope

3rd daughter: Sydney Burtilina

2nd Son: Kaden Eugene Burtilina

Grandson: Raven James (Burtilina) Carson

Allies/Coworkers: Edit

Aysel Montgomery,

Kyrie-Ann Phelps Burtilina

Facts: Edit

Nationality: American (born in Canada)

Age: 39

Born: March 28th, 1976

Gender: Male


Height: 6'3"

Hair: Dark red/brown

Eyes: Dark hazel