"I will only say this once. Shadows are funny. They only show what's
visible to the eye in dim light, not what's fully seen when you look 
at the actual thing. You're only a shadow. I'm the real thing. You dont
frighten me. I have insecurities, but so does all of us, it's what makes 
us human." -Kara to her dark side shadow. 

Adoptive daughter of Shade, Kara's past and how she ended up with Shade is unknown to many except Shade, Kara herself, and a few others.


History: Edit

Born at the GenTek hospital to Dr. Karen Burtilina, but given for adoption to Dr. Felicia Hope due to Karen's hope that Kara could live a better life than her blood siblings, Tatyanna and Jacob, Kara always knew Dr. Hope as her mother and Dr. Aaron Hope as her father.