"You don't need violence to solve your problems. We were born with brains for a reason." -Karen on her pacifist nature
"Peace is the absence of war. If that's so, I must have a huge war inside me." -Karen
"Family isn't who you're related to, it's who you love." -Karen, quoting Jackie Chan.

Kyrie-Ann Phelps Burtilina, better known as Dr. Karen Burtilina, is a sweet pacifist doctor who loves helping anyone she can, but don't let her sweet mood fool you! She's tougher than nails and has a very dark opposite side to her sweetness.

Karen (Kyrie-Ann) Burtilina

History: Edit

Kyrie-Ann started out life in a step-family that was living in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Kyrie-Ann's family appeared very "close knit" to some families, but in reality they had their differences, but still loved each other.

At age eight, Kyrie-Ann's parents divorced for the third time, but that's where the trouble just started. At age fifteen, Kyrie-Ann changed her first name to Karen so people wouldn't mistake her for Kyrie-Ann Jameson as her previous step dad's surname was Jameson. Kyrie-Ann, now Karen, decided she would keep with her birth father's surname, being Phelps.

Karen was always interested in medical science, especially mutant experimentations which led to her job at GenTek in New York when she was seventeen years old. The only thing that set Karen apart from the majority of the other doctors was that Karen cared a lot for her patients and was very pacifist and easy-going, making her reputation as one of the kindest doctors spread quickly.

Karen graduated highschool at age 15 and her life was better after. She met Kain Burtilina at the university she attended. Kain had a reputation for being violent due to his being a werewolf and having been possessed by a Storm Kitsune when he was twelve. Karen saw a soft side in Kain and the two became very close. Sure enough, Kain and Karen married on Karen's 16th birthday and one year later, their first child, Jacob Raven Burtilina, was born. Kain and Karen tried their best to raise Jacob well and Kain's experience with Nogistune possession helped when Jacob was possessed by a Nogistune when he was four years old.

Life may have begun to be happy, but that all changed when Karen and Kain's second child, Tatyanna Zarola Burtilina was born. Tatyanna was confirmed born a Fire Nogistune before she was born, causing many heart problems to Karen before Tatyanna was born. When Tatyanna was born, the nogistune tried to separate itself from Tatyanna, nearly killing Tatyanna. The Nogistune tried to possess Karen, nearly killing Karen as well, but eventually, a Nogistune doctor helped get the spirit calm and revived Karen. When Karen awoke, she found Tatyanna was still possessed by the Nogistune, but she had had to have a heart transplant and left lung replacement as Tatyanna's heart and left had been severely damaged. Kain seemed almost angry at Agni for nearly killing his new daughter and his wife, but when Karen tried to talk to him about it, Kain didn't tell her anything, but Karen noticed throughout the years that Kain let some of his guard down when controlling his Nogistune and werewolf side. He became crueler, but Karen stayed, trying to convince him to revert back to the man she had grown to love. Jacob left the family at age 13 because, as he put it, "the family has changed too much. I can't live in a place where you're hurt for showing your hurt." Karen tried to convince him to stay, but then was torn apart emotionally when Jacob ran away one night and never came back. Trying to be a better mother, Karen raised Tatyanna with the love Kain never gave her, but Karen was changed when Jacob left. She became less perky and less happy, but was still pacifist and never left Kain as she always believed he could revert back to the man she loved. When Karen and Kain's third child, Kara Burtilina, was born, Kain didn't know she had been born, but Karen told him after she left Kara at the orphanage, hoping Kara could have a better life. It tore Karen apart emotionally, but knew Kara would have a better life away from Kain. Kain never did change and when Tatyanna ran away at age fifteen, Karen knew enough was enough. Karen and Kain got into a huge argument after Karen came into their room, crying as she had just found out Tatyanna had run away. Kain got so angry he accidentally let down his control and his nogistune and werewolf forms took over, slashing Karen several times and tearing off half of her left leg. When Karen collapsed, faint from blood loss, Kain's Nogistune and werwolf forms hid back and Kain saw what had happened. Kain quickly took her to the hospital, then ran away to an empty abandoned city where he knew he wouldn't hurt anyone. The memory of hurting Karen always haunted him, but what he never knew was when Karen woke up in the hospital, having been cured from the werewolf bite and her left leg completely replaced after having been extensively treated for swelling, Karen's first concern was to find out where Kain had left. The doctors didn't know and nor did anyone else that had seen Kain or knew him.


Again heartbroken, Karen decided to continue her job at GenTek. Things didn't get better when she found out her favorite patient, a mutant named Shade, had escaped while she was in the hospital. When GenTek was destroyed, Karen left to S.H.I.E.L.D and found Tatyanna. The two were reunited and Karen was grateful for each day when Tatyanna visited her. Karen also found out her daughter, Kara Burtilina-Hope, was also working at GenTek and though Karen was friendly to Kara, Kara never found out that Karen was her mother and that Tatyanna was her sister. When the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier was destroyed in a fight between Shade, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, and Agent Megan Hitomi, Karen was surprised to be saved by Shade. Karen lived in the safehouse Shade kept stocked for all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he had saved from the destruction of the helicarrier. When that was destroyed by an explosion, Karen moved in with Tatyanna at Shade's team headquarters.

It wasn't until a few weeks after Karen moved into Shade's team HQ that she learned from a Doctor she had worked with at GenTek, nicknamed "Doc", and Agent Washington that Shade had organized a team to hunt down Kain. Absolutely horrified by the thought that Shade or anyone on his team could be killed by this mission, Karen tried to persuade Shade to call it off, but failing, she worries and tries to keep her pacifist nature. She half fears half hopes she will meet Kain again.

Kain was eventually found and brought to the base. Set in a stasis pod, Kain was allowed to see visitors when he was guarded by one of Shade's agents. Karen visited him many times and often snuck into the room without permission, still guarded though. Karen used her spirit morph abilities ro get by the guards.

    Kain was eventually released and allowed to live a somewhat normal life with Karen. They were to be kept separate for safety purposes. When Shade left on Project Cherry blossom, Kain and Karen were more relaxed on rules. 
    Also found before Project Cherry Blossom was Jacob Burtilina.  He came to base and was reunited with his family. 
    Karen and Kain found themselves surprised with the news Karen is expecting twins. Dr. Grey, the lead doctor scientist and researcher on the base, knew but never told Karen.

Powers: Edit

Karen is a minor telepath, but also was born a river kitsune. Karen can also heal others telepathically, but she feels the pain of anyone she tries to heal before it is healed and it uses up her energy to heal anyone. Karen never reveals any of her powers except the fact she is a kitsune.

Weapons/Equipment: Edit

Karen prefers not to fight at all if she can help it, she usually tries to persuade others using words. She is experienced in advanced mixed martial arts and weaponry and always keeps a special extremely strong poison dagger and a small handgun with her at all times, but always concealed unless being used.


Family: Edit

Birth-Father: Joe Jackson Phelps

Mother: Colleen Kerrigan Phelps

Twin-sister: Jackie-Lynn Phelps

Husband: Kain Burtilina

Son: Jacob Raven Burtilina

Daughter: Tatyanna Zarola Burtilina

2nd Daughter: Kara Burtilina-Hope

3rd Daughter: Sydney Burtilina

2nd Son: Kaden Eugene Burtilina

Grandson: Raven James (Burtilina) Carson

Allies/coworkers: Edit

All GenTek doctors



Tatyanna Burtilina

All S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and doctors

Facts: Edit


Nationality: American

Age: 38

Born: September 30th, 1977

Gender: Female


Height: 6'0"

Hair: Red/Auburn

Eyes: Dark green/gray