“Life can be fun when you’re the best assassin
 in the world and just about the 
worst girl to pick a fight on.” -Megan

Megan was a mutant assassin who was trained and worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. When people needed to be terminated, she was the first to be sent, also she was a spy and kidnapper. When White Tiger created the Marvel team, Megan was sent to spy on the mutants who would join and she dropped Ava, then used her shape-shifting powers right after she gained the title Kacela (meaning hunter). She quit S.H.I.E.L.D. after Fury tried to kill her. She has been part of two teams since. ((Alpha's team to fight Space Pirates, and Shade's team to take down S.H.I.E.L.D.)

History: Edit


Megan Halley Hitomi started out life in Albany, New York. Her father, Bart Hitomi, was a necromancer and her mother, Caithe Hitomi, was a tough super healer mutant. When Bart found work in a part of New York City, the family decided to move. They soon learned it was a very dark neighborhood and when Bart’s necromancer powers were discovered, he was hunted and unwanted. Caithe had to walk her children to the bus stop every day and Bart had to use spells to protect the house. Megan’s eldest brother, Jake Allen Hitomi, left back to Albany when he graduated, leaving Megan with little to no memory of him.

One day, things in New York City got worse for the Hitomi family and Bart was forced to come home early so he could make sure he had full light to make it home. The Hitomi children, Megan and Marianna, never left the house without one of their parents right next to them. Gangs constantly attacked them and then a gang of mesmers attacked Bart and Megan on their way back from Megan’s school. Bart noticed the Mesmer magic and told Megan to run away and not trust anything she saw. Megan, being only eight years old at the time, freaked out and just hid. She was shocked when her father appeared to be shot and dead. She ran away, nightmares and horror filing her mind. She made it home, only to find Marianna packing a suitcase and then leaving only telling Megan she wouldn’t be seeing her for awhile. Marianna quickly left, then Megan found her mom and told her what happened. Caithe quickly ran out to the scene of the attack and Megan never saw her again.

Now a supposed orphan, Megan ran away to other parts of New York City where she grew up on the streets, fending for herself. She was found by Nick Fury who took her in and cared for her, teaching her to be a strong assassin, as Megan already had a huge potential to be. Megan quickly became one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top assassins and was well known as a rough and tough assassin.

Constantly burdened with memories of her past, Megan never wanted to be with anyone, so she was alone. When she met Tatyanna Burtilina, the two who hated each other at first, got along really well. They became close friends.


Megan went undercover for awhile stealing the identity of superhero Ava Ayala, also known as White Tiger. Megan formed her own team, working on the team part time and working for S.H.I.E.L.D. part time. When prototype assassin superhero Shade joined the team, Megan became good friends with him. As Shade hated S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury tried persuading Megan to give up Shade, but Megan found she couldn’t. Fury and she never did fully get along and when Megan exploded with anger at Fury’s angry insults towards Shade, Fury fired Megan, sending her back to living on the streets. Shade invited Megan to join his team, and she accepted.

Megan had been on Shade’s team for quite awhile when Alpha, aka John Steel, joined the team. John grew to like Megan and Megan felt torn between both guys. She tried to show Shade she like him, but ended up broken hearted when Shade showed no feeling towards her in anyway at that moment. John stubbornly persisted and Megan, torn and confused, fell for John and agreed to also join his team. Now a leader of one team and a member of two others, she constantly tries to keep up her duties to each team.

Megan currently also has an A.I. named Pandora who helps her with missions.

Powers: Edit

Megan is a necromancer, a super healer, and a kitsune. Being a necromancer, she has all the knowledge of many different spells. She doesn’t have to think about a spell before she can just as easily call it out. Being a superhealer and elementalist, Megan can control and use all the elements at will and can heal others as well as quickly heal herself. Megan also has teleportation, and blood/liquid control, making her a deadly opponent. Megan find she often cannot take a life even though she very easily possess the power to. Being a kitsune, Megan is the mortal the ancient Japanese fox trickster spirit Kacela was born with. Megan has to control her emotions or Kacela will discover that weakness and control their body. Megan can morph into Kacela’s form, but when it it, Kacela has all control, just as Megan does in her human form.

Weapons/Equipment: Edit

Megan is good with nearly any weapon, but she is best with daggers. She is very much a close range fighter and knows martial arts as well as every pressure point and weak points on the human body.

Family: Edit

Father: Bart Kain Hitomi

Mother: Caithe Cerise Chayse Hitomi

Older Brother: Jake Allen Hitomi

Older Sister: Marianna Louise Hitomi Tamask

Allies/Team Members: Edit

Alpha (John Steel)

Apollo (Andrew Stark




Pandora (Megan's A.I.)

Smira Caraleski


June Lee


Bethany 'London' Sweede

Colton Knight (Colton)


Torchflare (Floare În Flâcâri)

Poison Liana (Sakura Ran)

Wolverine (Logan James Howlett)

Church (Alpha's A.I.)


Tatyanna Burtilina

Facts: Edit

Nationality: American

Age: 18 years

Born: November 12, 1996

Gender: Female


Height: 5' 10 1/2'' Hair: Brown with a braid Eyes: Brown

Other: Wears black glasses and has a braid when not in contacts while working. Three guys like her, and she is torn between two of them. (Likes John and Shade. Inetsu also likes HER)