"I'm an assassin. It's just what I do."

The alias namesake and hero version of her aunt, Shadow Thief, Nadia Teresa Collins has a thing for daggers and an amazing sense of leadership.

History: Edit

Nadia Teresa Collins was born in Star City on the 12th of October 1999 to Timothy "Tim" Collins and Teresa Metula Collins. Her godfather was Theodore "Ted" Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Nadia's parents felt forced to abandon Nadia after Professor Zoom made Nadia his slave when he created a mental link with her when she was only three, almost four years old as he sought revenge on Ted when he helped protect Barry Allen from his evil alternate, Professor Zoom. Nadia was really close to the Allens, who were Zoom's main target then.

Finding herself alone, having an anger and pain towards her parents she would always never truly lose, Nadia lived with Acrata, then with Ted Kord until Ted died and she lived with Batman. Nadia's only real friend the whole time was her best friend, Tim Allen. Nadia had no idea Zoom controlled her until Tim discovered it and told her. Nadia then joined the JLA, but was kicked out when she supposedly "tried to kill Batman" but in reality Zoom was controlling her.

Almost to her 13th birthday, at the age of 12, Nadia was recruited by Artemis Crock to join the Young Justice League, which Nadia accepted in hope she could find a better life. She met many friends and when Tim died, her friends kept her spirits up. Nadia severed the link with Zoom, but then discovered she had  a "power form" where she could remove powers and energy from people and use it. Her eyes glow red when she goes into her power form, but she can go into her power form at will.

To earn money to support herself, Nadia

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Nationality: American (bloodline has American, German, Russia, Irish, and Mongolian)


Born: 12 October 1999

Gender: Female


Height: 5' 10"

Hair: Brown with blonde highlights (Used to be blonde, is turning more brown)

Eyes: Hazel (sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes more brown, but usually green)