Tatyanna with brighter red hair

"Yes, I have an obsession!
 Obsession with stuffing this dagger up your nose!" 
-Tatyanna to Alpha about obsessions.
"Never could show emotion. 
Else you'd get whipped or thrown out a window." 
-Tatyanna to Nova about her past.

Nightmare of all nightmares, Tatyanna is definitely a true assassin. Born and raised in rough parts of Albany, New York, Tatyanna rarely shows emotion as that was considered a sign of weakness. A rough and tough tomboy, not many want her around, but definitely want her on their side.

History: Edit

Tatyanna Zarola Burtilina started out life in the better part of New York City, but her life was far from pretty. Tatyanna lived with one brother and only briefly met her younger sister who given up for adoption immediately after being born. Tatyanna’s father was a werewolf and her mother was a Kitsune. Tatyanna herself was also a Nogistune, but that didn’t help at all with the extreme anger that was always in her house. Kain hated Tatyanna as Agni, the spirit that Tatyanna was born with, tried to kill Tatyanna and Karen. Tatyanna never knew why Kain hated her so much, but she just thought her father couldn't control the beast inside and didn't care to. When Tatyanna was born, Agni destroyed her heart and left lung, which were quickly replaced.

The only "bright" thing in Tatyanna's childhood was the visits to the GenTek lab where her mom, Doctor Karen Burtilina worked. While there, one especially important project, kept Tatyanna interested. At the time, Shade was the "special project" Dr. Burtilina was assigned to. Tatyanna didn't talk much to Shade, but she did get to see him and her mom a lot. At nights when Tatyanna was fed up with her family life, she would visit the GenTek labs.


Several people in the Burtilina's neighborhood hated the fact that the family was mutants. They were attacked often, putting the family on high alert. Having been attacked by Kain, Tatyann's father, when he often lost control of Nogistune and werewolf side and also just by Kain being cruel, Tatyanna became part cyborg when she was injured so bad she had to have her left leg and left collar bone replaced. Staying tough, Tatyanna never told anyone her heart was really weaker than the average person's as the doctor who had replaced it wasn't fully experienced and it was an emergency replacment, causing her pain whenever she worked too hard.

Tatyanna worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. after GenTek was destroyed. When Shade worked with Megan on a mission after Megan quit S.H.I.E.L.D., Tatyanna hunted down Megan to kill her, but failed when Shade protected Megan. Tatyanna was fired from S.H.I.E.L.D. and nearly killed when Fury let off a flare that reacted with her Nogistune side. Tatyanna woke up in Shade's HQ and found she now had new mechanical right arm and eye as they were blown from the flare. Since then, Tatyanna works on Alpha's team, Megan's team, and Shade's team as an assassin and mercenary.

As Megan left Shade's team, Megan and Tatyanna became more distant from each other. Tatyanna stayed on Shade's team and became a mother figure to Kara when Kara was brought to the base, having been adopted by Shade. Tatyanna and Shade became very close and one night at a winter New Year's ball, Shade propsed.

Powers: Edit

Being a Nogistune, Tatyanna has all control over her element (fire) and she also can morph into her Nogistune form, but cannot control it. Being a mutant, Tatyanna has superhealing that is better than the average human, but not as good as Alpha's or Megan's.

Weapons/Equipment: Edit

Tatyanna uses adamantium daggers and is also cyborg so she has extra abilities with her mechanical arm and eye.

Family: Edit

Father: Kain Burtilina

Mother: Kyrie-Ann "Karen" Phelps Burtilina, Dr.

Older Brother: Jacob Raven Burtilina

Sister: Kara Hope-Mercer

Sister: Sydney Burtilina

Brother: Kaden Burtilina

Nephew: Raven James (Burtilina) Carson

Fiancee: Alex "Shade" Mercer

Allies/Team Members: Edit




Dr. Grey






Michael J Caboose


Megan Hitomi

Facts: Edit

Nationality: American

Age: 18 years


Born: December 4th, 1997

Gender: Female


Height: 5'9''

Hair: Red/Brown

Eyes: Dark green